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William J. Le Petomane, HOL, Episode 39

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William J. Le Petomane

I like spaghetti & mellotron.

Thank you for listening.

Now go do that voodoo
that you do
so well.

All (my)  tracks are downloadable and free to use for non-commercial purposes.

We don't know very much about William, other than his name not really being William. He lives in Rotterdam and makes excellent music! He was also chosen as Soundclouder of the day on May 10, 2013.

His 60's inspired track You Don't Treat Me Right was featured on episode 39 of our show and it's one of my favourites. Read the review of the track here.

Check out some more of William's music below, and remember to join the William J. Le Patomane Appreciation Society!


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