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W∆Y – Beginnin'

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Featured on episode 35.

No way can we get through this review without making special mention of W∆Y’s awesome artist name, so we might as well start with that. It is always rewarding for music lovers whenever an artist appears to care and to put effort into every aspect pertaining to the music. It’s those little bonuses that can turn a random listener into a fawning fan for life, really, and with the name he has coined himself and its out-of-the ordinary stylization, Argentinian Juli Piaggio strikes that ball out of the park straight away.

Please don’t misunderstand those opening lines, though. As cool as they may be, the visuals are still only extensions of Piaggio’s one true talent: music.  And that is some deathly serious talent the man exhibits on this track featuring an original melody by Daniel Kandi.  No time to dilly-dally during the intro to Beginnin’ or ponder whether you think you’re going to like this track or not. This one just comes right at you with tremendous confidence, pretty much like Athena leaping out of Zeus’ head fully formed and armed – except she’s brandishing a disco ball and ordering you to move that body. Obeying that injunction is a very enjoyable knee-jerk reflex.

That is not to say W∆Y’s music lacks dimension in the least. It is even multi-dimensional. Although full of vitality and pulsing with a spontaneous, fresh feel that many would kill to achieve in that same genre, Beginnin’s mix paradoxically smacks of subtlety. Layers are each honed just so, kaleidoscopic flurries of notes lift the track up to make it blissful in places and any progression is strategically placed for optimal effect, all this without sounding clinical.  Instead, there’s something intrinsically solar to W∆Y’s music. One can easily see how the warmth of such full bodied-sounds would morph to actual heat on a dance floor. Like David Guetta, who is mentioned as an influence on this track, W∆Y creates the sort of music that should be mainstream in a heartbeat, in the best possible sense.

WayBeginnin’ is not a diamond in the rough, it’s a treasure that’s meant to be shared.


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