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Unearth Noise release "Sacred Excavations" album

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Unearth Noise "Sacred Excavations" - 15 tracks of shamanic psychedelia, available here: http://unearthnoise.bandcamp.com/

Review by Rolby Perez of Neitherzine:
I have just emerged after falling face first into a dense jelly of what I had previously considered sound. Quicker than quicksand, and deeper than the depths of any poor fool's mind who confidently claims to know the answer to every question. In fact, a mere fool could never fathom the very question of an answer let alone the insanity contained within the idea of such an answer. With that said, music has been bending the boundaries of what we consider acceptable for much longer than I have been alive. Although adversely, a disgustingly large smoke cloud of conformance has been violently pushing past real music to reach the hordes of glowing eye's under the strict control of focus groups and the worried mother figures that decide what most people will be raving about that next month. This ends up leaving a sour taste of leftover bile in the hot breath of most those who understand what music is supposed to be and instead are getting fed this regurgitated slop. Music has the ability to move, awaken and rewire the present moment most of us let slide from our sweaty palms. Music does not always have to be pleasant. Music projects a living image into your existence, it is an expression of something beyond our own comprehension, seemingly existing as part of the moment only as color and feeling – something that Unearth Noise has been able to achieve with every single track that I've listened to. The name itself can allow you to vaguely imagine what you are about to fall under the spell of. Roger Berkowitz has created a landscape of sound that can't be described in whole without understanding the energy that this music creates. Something as simple as a daily commute spiraled into an introspective head rush of rigid thought ripping around my head. Shattering ideas with each track transition and reaching the highs and lows that were once left for the strung out, forgotten faces smashed into the loose dirt of our once healthy earth during some of the most questionable moments in history.

The adrenaline fueled melodies, the mesmerizing guitars, the honest rhythmic drumming, the deep echoes of preternatural sounds, homemade instruments – worldly with a true purist attitude; structure seems to crack it's bones in the bright morning sun with a long stretch in between each trance inducing soundscape. You might have to dig to find what you are looking for, but soon you will only have to stand in the deep hole Roger Berkowitz started for you. Unearth Noise has left me wanting more than could ever be achieved with sound, yet I am completely fulfilled with each listen. Let's just hope we keep hearing the sounds of Unearth Noise unwittingly reminding us that questions don't always have to have acceptable answers, if any.

– Rolby D. Perez/Neitherzine
– http://www.neitherzine.com/


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