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Unearth Noise - Prism

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Featured on Episode 46 of the Weekly Podcast.

Inide artist Unearth Noise is frequently-featured on the Weekly Podcast, whether a solo artist or as part of the Shadowface collaboration, US-based Roger Berkowitz always has something to impress and entertain the listeners with. A musical wizard and master of the guitar, Berkowitz is always carrying the listener either into the bowels of the earth or light years away to distant galaxies with his otherworldly sounds and instrumentals. This week’s track Prism does the same sort of trick, driven by some amazing percussion and guitar.

Unearth Noise LogoIt’s quite hard to create a five-and-a-half-minute guitar-based instrumental that will keep all listeners mesmerised. But as a seriously talented musician, Unearth Noise has absolutely no problem in captivating the audience. Voodoo-esque percussion drives this haunting song with the layers of guitar doing all the talking. Saturated in harmonies and pure guitar genius, Unearth Noise creates another mystical track with some echoes of Tool’s Schism. Whether or not it’s the similar name that prompts the comparison, it only leaves us looking for more.

Prism is a guitar lover’s dream, with all the right stops and skills being brought out in the song. When the acoustic flow slows down, the artist introduces the electric guitar to infuse the energy back into the song. The feeling picks back up and is only furthered by the heavier electric brought in at the end. Unearth Noise does a fantastic job of creating an instrumental guitar track that not only keeps the listeners interested, but leaves them wondering what’s coming next. With the teaser outro at the end of the song, it only makes you want to head right to Unearth Noise’s SoundCloud page to check out what else is available.

With loads of solo songs and one of the Weekly Podcast’s favorite collaborations in Shadowface, there are plenty of opportunities to discover Berkowitz’s fantastic and entrancing guitar playing. With pure talent driving the instrument and a taste for the wilder side of music, Unearth Noise truly is one of SoundCloud’s great gems.


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