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Unearth Noise - "Accelerant" - Submissions

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"Accelerant" is an Amazigh/krautrap piece representative of the Unearth Noise style. It mixes elements of psychedelia, berber folk music, and noise-rock, into 4:40 of acidic, electronic, shamanism. Like many Uearth Noise tunes, the theme of fear an apprehension infuses the piece. As in many Unearth Noise songs, there is a blending of primitive and modern elements, tribal and electronic. The mesmerizing vocals are lifted from the track "Heddaoua" off "Songs and Rhythms of Morocco" (used with kind permission of Lyrichord Discs). "Heddaoua" is an homage to the delights and benefits of hashish, and fits the overall vibe of the music.The rhythm track is inspired by berber rhthyms, played on a highly compressed drum kit with added metallic percussion once described as sounding like banging on garbage cans. with the main riff driven by a combination of enhanced electronic feedback and Pil meets Fripp dissonant guitar. An incendiary and palpitating journey, "Accelerant" will serve as the opening track for the first official Unearth Noise full-length disc entitled "Sacred Excavations", which will be released in November.


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