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True Groove signs worldwide deal with The Orchard

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true grooveTomás Doncker’s New York-based indie label True Groove Records has just signed an exclusive global distribution and licensing deal with pioneering music company The Orchard.

NYC Global Soul Icon Doncker, who alongside his duties as a label boss is also a producer, singer-songwriter and guitarist, founded True Groove in 2011 under the manifesto ‘music comes first’. He felt the industry was missing a forward-thinking and artist-oriented brand, and from this standpoint the label was born. Now teaming up with the world-renowned Orchard, Doncker has 12 new releases planned for the first quarter of 2014, selected from True Groove’s elite roster of artists.

“We are very excited about True Groove moving forward with The Orchard,” explains Doncker, who is looking ahead to upcoming projects from label stalwarts Kevin Jenkins, Lael Summer and Marla Mase (along with his own band) before he even hits March. “Both of our companies have a similar approach to the new music business model... and we are both fearless, innovative and love music”.

Doncker, who founded the ‘global soul’ movement, harbours a very open, wide-ranging ideal for the future of his record label: “Musically speaking it is not genre specific, but in fact genre inclusive. It is the best of what we have to offer to each other, from Brooklyn to Ethiopia”. No doubt we’ll be hearing more from True Groove as 2014 unfolds...

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