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tourmaline hum, UK, Episode 42

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Tourmaline Hum

At the moment tourmaline hum are:
Simon Lewry
Steve Tree
Richard Zarywacz

In the 1980s we were 'Except Buses'. We returned to public music production in 2012 after a 23 year hiatus. Times have changed since the days of running Steinburg Pro12 on an AtariST1020!

Our releases explore many genres from retro synth to ambient sound sculpture, and even classical.

So, tourmaline hum... I don't know what to say about these guys other than I'm glad I came across their work. They have an extensive collection of original music, all of which is highly involved, well produced and pleasing to those of us who enjoy electronic music (dare I say, perhaps pleasing also to those who are not 'in touch' with their inner synth? You tell me). These guys know how to do electronic music and they do it with finesse and style. Good on them for getting back together and sharing more of their sounds with the world!

Tourmaline hum's track Rip and Tear was featured on episode 42 of our independent music podcast, read the track review here.

I leave you with links you must explore right now, as well as some of tourmaline hum's music.

Tourmaline hum on: Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.


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  1. I don't know, one picture on the entire internet, and you lot find it! Our slightly overdue 28th anniversary photo is due to be taken at the end of June, so you can see how much my hair grows in a year - I've got the beard down to about the upper jaw of the dragon. If you delve deep enough you'll find some very 'out there' tracks by us, including one with 17 drum kits and nothing else - Simon (tourmaline hum)

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