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Tonybluestone, USA, Episodes 41 & 44

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Tony Bluestone DP

I worked In a family business for 30 years. I decided to leave because there was something missing in my life. I think I have found it! . The pure joy it brings!!! Music! I have worked with some great artists here and that has helped me so much as I learned to step out of the box! In the end if i can say I shared what I love then I am satisfied!! It just means so much to me to see you guys sharing your soul! In the end we are all successful!!!!!

We featured independent artist Tony Bluestone on episode 41 of our show. His track Tell Me Why had us rocking the blues and it was one of Kelvyn Taylor's picks for that week. Read our review of Tell Me Why here, or listen to the track below.

We had the pleasure to feature Tony again on episode 44, his track Candles & Roses written in remembrance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting late last year. A very special track, you can read our review of Candles & Roses here.

Remember to let Tony know what you think, and keep supporting independent music!

You can get in touch with Tony via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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