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Tim J Rowe, UK, Episode 42

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I've literally been involved in music since birth, I write, record and produce by myself and collaborate (check out @the-son-of-man-1); but what hopefully sets me apart is my eclecticism and amount of material!

I like to work in/with any style and genre, whether from scratch or contributory; adapting to fit the workings of a chameleon music profession.

If you want a lot more TJR musical nutrition, my entire Black-Catalogue to-date (100+ ORIGINAL songs from the last decade) is at www.youtube.com/timboroony.

Tim J Rowe, who was chosen by Kelvyn Taylor to appear on episode 42 of our independent music podcast, is an excellent vocalist, song writer and top musician all round. He has a catalogue of music which is as impressive as it is extensive and we look forward to exploring more of it (so should you!).

Stay tuned for our review of his track Just the Wrong Time, and be sure to check out some more of Tim's music below and show him some love!

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