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Thee Ancient Aliens - Nova - Submissions

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"Nova" is a psychedelic psalm written in praise of the sun. The piece combines elements of world music (Indian), western folk, and psychedelic rock. The subtle blend of eastern and western instrumentation and vocals unite to form a moody but soothing atmosphere which is gentle, but filled with unexpected turns.

The mixture of Indian sitar and tambura with acoustic and electric guitars and percussion played by Roger Berkowitz (Unearth Noise) and the eerie, silky voice of Stone Catcherye, create a other-worldy yet devotional and meditative journey.

It is characteristic of Thee Ancient Aliens sound, which often fuses elements of world music with rock and psychedelic styles. The main lyric of the piece-"Oh-I, we all need the sun" is mantra-like, and serves as a springboard for the trancey soundscape to swirl and rise beneath.


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