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The Deltahorse, GER, Episode 44

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The Deltahorse

The Deltahorse:

A new music project created by Berlin-based founder Sash, featuring Sydneyʼs indie singer-songwriter TJ Eckleberg and former Morphine sax player extraordinaire, Dana Colley. The trio push a rather uncommon sound. Anchored by thundering bass lines, Colleyʼs dense, muscular baritone sax riffs and gritty electronic soundscapes create a wall of sound - wildly careening into Sashʼs cool lo-fi slide guitar and Ecklebergʼs dry vocals and wry lyrics. Itʼs poetry steeped in blues and alternative rock - energetic, glimmering in the darkness, twisting its way between resignation and hope.

Some words from Sash:

In 2012 I ran into TJ, who had just relocated from Sydney to Berlin, and instantly fell in love with his wry poetry. TJʼs a great songwriter and storyteller. We hit it off immediately and due to his huge impact on the songs we focussed our efforts on more poetry-driven songs. TJ´s lyrics inject a very personal story into this song and his laid back and dry vocals perfectly ride on top of the Deltahorse energetic sound.

What does the Deltahorse sound like?

I couldnʼt pin it down to any one genre. I notice some folks comparing us to Morphine... but we donʼt sound like Morphine. Itʼs more like a marriage of old and cool new elements but with a different feel and story.  The three of us have never been recording together in the same room at the same time. Probably, this is one of the reasons why The Deltahorse doesnʼt sound like the typical RockʼnʼRoll thing?
I would like to think we have managed to carve out something distinctive which in itself is an achievement - a sound that is uncommon and delivers a good portion of balls, body and soul.

We had the honour to feature The Deltahorse's track The Guy Who Walks Away on episode 44 of our independent music podcast. It also appears we are the first to feature them so it's even more honour-ful. Read our review of The Guy Who Walks Away, check out some more of their music below, visit their links and make sure you stay tuned for their release!

We expect to hear a lot more from these guys.

The Deltahorse website, Facebook, Twitter and of course Soundcloud.


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