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Silvertin - The Forgotten

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Featured on episode 40.

The sound Leeds quintet Silvertin describe as ‘inner space rock’ is not ethereal or for chilling out. Distortion and effects do feature prominently on their track The Forgotten. But what they serve to address is in fact an unfortunately all too earthly issue: war and its casualties. And it is an issue that clearly is still sorely in need of being addressed, when it’s looking likely that another red line’s been crossed and toxic arms are now being used. As Silvertin’s lyrics go: ’It’s a story that you've heard before but can’t stop buying’ and we’re nowhere near the end of it.

But it’s important that artists pitch in to voice their views on such subjects, and perhaps especially independent artists. These guys may become famous, perhaps quite soon, but as of now, their music is free for download if you can’t afford to buy it. They don’t stand to boost their sales and public image on the back of the masses’ misery. While we’re sure that a lot of famous artists truly do care, causes, like celebrities’ babies, have really become a worryingly grey area these last years in terms of their correlation to art and commerce. The second Silvertin strike it big, though, you will be able to rest assured in the knowledge that they cared before it was in their best interest to do so.

Silvertin’s anti-war statement is not only strong because of the tenor of the message. This band is a seamless unit musically speaking. In this band, it really does sound as though each member brings the same level of excellence to the game. That’s a pretty rare configuration to witness in a band and, in this case, the spoils go to the listener. As a result not only of these unsigned musicians’ know-how but also of their flawless chemistry, there is never a moment where The Forgotten pales in intensity, quite the contrary. The equally professional arrangements and production send the song sky-rocketing through the stratosphere several times.

SilvertinAll of this ensures The Forgotten makes a mark on the mind and touches the heart.


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