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Shadowface - In Will and Doom

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Featured on Episode 34.

Pushing the boundaries of rock music is something that hasn't appeared to be a priority for some years now. That’s not to say that there exists no great rock‘n’roll music nowadays. It abounds. But rather than going forward, one might argue that rock has found itself going backwards at the turn of this century. Perhaps this shedding of the superfluous, this return to its origins was essential to ensure its survival. But upon witnessing Shadowface venture on a little explored path, that of percussic rock, one suddenly feels as though the genre just gasped in a breath of vivifying air.

Not only is rock and roll still alive and kicking, it even has the potential to evolve!

In Will and Doom marches into the listener’s consciousness with percussions halfway between a religious procession and an army on a mission, confidently demanding attention. This strange in-between equilibrium which the song strikes from the beginning keeps the song in an interesting place all the way. In Will and Doom doesn’t make for an especially comfortable listening experience, but it certainly doesn’t allow indifference.

The lyrics are free of ornery, with inherent rhyming which soon makes the track echo some kind of dark incantation slash propaganda.

Tension underlies Stone Catcherye’s singing. The vocals possess a razor-sharp edge. Although his enunciation is controlled, a sense of latent anger still transpires, threatening to snap at any second, perhaps to spill into screaming rage or despair. It never does happen, however. Instead, his voice keeps crawling under the skin and captivates, with an occasional vocal twisting like a knife in a heart.

Shadowface is a collaboration between three solo artists. Alongside U.S vocalist and guitar player Stone Catcherye are Unearth Noise, also from the U.S, and bitzone. The latter is from Germany and responsible for the arresting percussions and electronics on this track. This trio is a great example of why SoundCloud is so exciting. Where else can you listen to a genre so new and rare that Wikipedia does not have a page for it?

ShadowfaceLet’s hope these guys keep exploring lesser frequented avenues of rock and making captivating music that crawls under the skin.


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