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Shadowface - Hey Me

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Featured on episode 45.

Shadowface is a collaboration between three great SoundCloud artists, Unearth Noise (US- Roger Berkowitz), Stone Catcherye (US), and German based percussionist and mixer Bitzone. With a handful of tracks circulating the SoundCloud scene, this Percussive Rock band is already well known for producing some seriously gritty, funky tracks, with some even funkier album artwork to boot.

ShadowfaceFeatured on Weekly Podcast’s 45th Episode, Shadowface’s ‘Hey Me’ is an outrageously grungy ride with their driving percussion and sharp guitar accompanied by Stone Catcherye’s 90’s rock vocals. If I wasn't in the right mind, you could easily convince me that Shadowface was Alice in Chains and Layne Staley resurrected. ‘Hey Me’ has that dirty alternative feel, but with the cleanliness of an unplugged setting; the guitars are left ringing while the drums sound like they’re coming from a distant voodoo séance. Add in Stone’s vocals, harmonies and sick lyrics and you've got a spitting musical image of their Shadowface logo. Stripped down to the naked essentials, this song is an alternative rocker’s dream with everything grunge from the screaming intro to the teaser outro.

Shadowface is no stranger to this grit-rock output though, and has already been featured twice on Weekly Podcast for their highly appealing sounds. Even from the titles of their previous songs, “In Will and Doom” & “Blindside”, you know the material inside is going to be hazardous, if not corrosive. Allow 3 seconds of intro on either piece and you'll be hooked into their hypnotic driving sounds once again (assuming you’re into this hard-ass percussive rock). The only concern with this SoundCloud collaboration is that their spatial barriers will prevent them from more rapidly producing some killer tunes.

With their individual works, other collaborations going on between members, and the remaining (and hopefully continuous production of) Shadowface material- there’s plenty more sounds to find when this runs dry. Both Unearth Noise and Bitzone have collab. tracks together (see last week’s podcast of Somniferum), and Stone Catcherye has loads of unique side projects going on as well. So whether it’s the guitar, vocals or percussion of this highly addictive sound you’re into, you can somehow, somewhere find your fix.


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