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Shadowface - Blindside

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Featured on episode 36.

With their second track on Soundcloud, Shadowface continue to follow their own interestingly twisted vein of rock. Blindside is thus coherent with the sound we already described on In Will and Doom and, much as we love musicians who explore several styles at once, it’s also fantastic to hear an emerging act get their claws real deep into a genre they’re dedicated to. To witness them uncover an intrinsic sound, one that can become synonymous with their name.

All elements on Blindside, be it the in-your-face percussions, the highly strung vocals or the aggressive guitar, have their assigned place in the composition. There is no doubting these guys’ know-how in crafting this track.  In spite of this, something about Shadowface’s music remains visceral and hopefully they never lose that as they progress. This is music that comes from the gut. We mentioned the band getting their claws deep into a genre just now, but perhaps that was approaching things from the wrong end. Stone Catcherye’s singing sounds like the result of buried emotions that somehow needed to claw their way out into the world, via his throat. Ouch, certainly. But there’s truth to the clichés: creation usually does imply pain. These emotions which have scratched their way out reach us raw - but were they more polished, they would lose a great deal of their impact. The percussions resounding in lieu of commonplace drums reinforce this impression that primal impulses are at the core of Shadowface’s offerings. And here we use the term ‘offerings’ purposefully, because although this music is deeply rooted, it also reaches higher, as Stone Catcherye’s voice when it ascends. We will even venture to say it tends towards a form of spirituality. Although Bitzone’s percussions have an essentially primal sound, they also possess complexity in their patterns, getting almost ceremonial in places. In between these extreme high-lows that capture the ear throughout, the existential lyrics provide space. Space for reflection, notably as thoughts are left in a half-formed state and questions unanswered.

ShadowfaceIt all leaves us intrigued and eager to see what these independent artists conjure up for us in future.

Shadowface is a collaboration by independent artists Unearth Noise, Stone Catcherye and Bitzone.


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