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Nick Gibson – Losing You

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Featured on our Episode 33.

Based in Sheffield, Britain, alternative singer/songwriter Nick Gibson comes to us straight from the school of rockers with a great deal of soul to boot. His musical affinities lie with the likes of U2, R.E.M, Coldplay and Kings of Leon. All are avowed influences of Gibson’s and, might we add, those are all excellent masters to have, indeed.

On Losing You, the lead song from his EP Tell Me, Gibson unabashedly pours his heart out as only real men aren't afraid to do. With a certain solemnity in his voice reminiscent of Michael Stipe allied to an earnestness and sincerity of delivery all his own, Gibson’s singing ensures the raw subject matter of the song reaches right out to anyone who’s ever been in those same shoes. And let’s face it, most every one of us has. Even though we may no longer helplessly yearn for the one that got away, it can only feel fantastic to get the ever-lingering angst out of our systems. Losing You is nothing short of cathartic, in that respect. One can easily imagine a packed stadium collectively belting out that chorus over and over again: “These are the days, these are the ways, I’ve been losing you”.

Propelling the tune onwards in counterpoint to the stark lyrics and helping to sustain a sense of hope and renewed energy throughout is a gruff, energetic guitar riff, which holds accents of The Edge’s style. As a matter of fact, the song’s production on the whole nods to U2 and Kings of Leon.  It’s well worth noting here that, in addition to composing and performing his own material, Gibson also produces it.

While it makes perfect sense for the uptempto, relatable Losing You to be the title track for Gibson’s EP, his other, more contemplative tracks Tell Me, See the Sun and Cold Summer are all equally worth listening to and prove even more revealing in their emotional honesty.

Nick GibsonA man baring his soul without artifice is a rare occurrence nowadays. If you believe that’s what music should be about in the first place, we recommend you lend an attentive ear to Nick Gibson.


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