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"Passengers" by Unearth Noise

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Passengers is a guitar instrumental piece which I began writing over 30 years ago. Beginning with a solemn descending melody over an organ-like drone, the song develops and changes into a moody, melodic, journey expanding on the introspective spiritual theme. Set primarily to 7/4 rhythm, the elements of jazz-rock fusion via John Mclaughlin combine with other early musical influences such as Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin. The mix itself was a big task, with roughly 18 tracks of guitars, drums, and drones, to organize. In all, there are three rhythm guitar and three lead guitar tracks trading licks throughout. I had planned to record this piece many times, but never accomplished the task. It was not until I heard that an old friend had passed away unexpectedly that I summoned to courage to attempt it. The mood of sadness and loss provided the inspiration. "Passengers" is dedicated to my friend Lee Miller. A good man, and a fine musician. As fellow Soundclouder Naesmen eloquently remarked on this track: "Very sober but aren't we all passengers in the same journey each one always ends sadly for someone?"


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