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Padruna, Haydon & Hallberg - Diggin’ It

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Padruna, Haydon and Hallberg come together in Weekly Podcast’s 43rd episode with Diggin’ It. The name threw me off at first, wincing at the thought of a subliminal piece of self-promotion, tacked directly into the song’s title for everyone to hear or read. 'We (the artists) are digging our own sounds, and consequently you, the listener, should dig it as well'. But no, swallow hard and give these three SoundCloud pros the benefit of the doubt, I said to myself. Perhaps they will win me over with some new, radical sounds. Or perhaps I’m completely using the term diggin’ in the wrong context….

And so it goes when judging a book by its cover, or more aptly a song by its title, something I've never been very good at. Ed Haydon and Alexander Halllberg join forces once again to create another entrancing, orchestral masterpiece, this time with the help of Swiss-based artist Padruna (Nina). Diggin’ It is a great synth/acoustic track, with solid lyrics driven by Nina’s beautiful, persuasive voice. Expounding a powerful karmic message on the certainty of your negative actions coming back to bite you in the ass, Diggin’ It is both enjoyable on a retributive level, as well as musical (there’s no denying its catchy nature). Depending on the current mental state or relationship status of the listener, Diggin’ It could be taken as either an epic break up song or a great dance track. You've dug your own grave, now you get to live in it; a slick delivery of a powerful message, narrated by the well-crafted sounds of optimism.

Though the song is mostly dominated by Nina’s passionate voice and songwriting, the instrumental and mixing aspects deserve praise as well. Adding Haydon and Hallberg’s expertise to the guts of the song completely gives the tune a different life. It’s no longer a sombre break-up song, but a hot dance groove that turns a potential bummer into an upbeat jam. Listen to any of the evocative works of UK-based Haydon and Norwegian Hallberg though, and you'll see that this is par for the course. These two artists have loads of experience creating together, with highly acclaimed works on both SoundCloud and Weekly Podcast. With the vocal addition of a well-selected artist (Padruna), their unique style is given a new flair of personality that meshes perfectly.

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  1. Saw this conning 5 weeks ago when I first heard this. Lots of energy driving the song and the message...Great job Nina and you guys!!

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