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Nom Bizarre - Bags of Bones

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Featured in the Weekly Podcast’s 47th Episode, is Nom Bizarre’s eclectic creation ‘Bags of Bones’. I should have taken the band’s name into perspective before delving into this tune, which left me scratching my head and wondering what in the hell was going on. Bizarre indeed is US artist Darryl Pierson’s creation, and it left me searching the web for some answers, some solutions, or anything to sooth my brain from the madness of ‘Bags of Bones’.

Though it took me a while to get there, I finally found Nom Bizarre’s YouTube video of Darryl performing this song in a musically filled room, all by himself. With a single guitar and loads of loops and effects, Nom Bizarre recreated this mental musical ride with nothing but a whole lot of talent. I read a bit more into Nom Bizarre and realized that this ‘band’ was really just one man, a long time musician who decided to take on the entirety of music for himself, which is then produced through the Nom Bizarre. Fantastic.

Nom Bizarre Album Artwork

Indie artist Nom Bizarre takes us on this strange, musical space journey with ‘Bags of Bones’.

And so Nom Bizarre takes us on this strange, musical space journey into ‘Bags of Bones’ with wild instrumental riffs, stabbing solos, recurring loops and a deluge of odd, fast, hard to grasp lyrics. Though the music is as normal as Frank Zappa or young David Bowie, sometimes it takes a wild side to expose the rock n roll side of things. The entire song is composed of these odd turns and instrumental/vocal spurts, which ultimately leave you hanging on wondering what is coming around the next bend. It’s a highly unique production in a world of same same, blah blah, and Nom Bizarre does one hell of a job steering clear of this.

Check out any of Darryl Pierson’s one-man-band songs, and you’ll be left anything but bored. His tunes go from the strange side of ‘Bags of Bones’ to world music/electronica creations like ‘Surface Scratches’. With an extremely unique and well-versed background in music and a highly creative mind, Nom Bizarre will constantly keep your mind reeling and your creative musical juices flowing.


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