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we are Olio. a kool trio from los angeles, looking for a airplay. our brand new album UNTITLED is now available everywhere online and we would love for people to hear it. there is something on this project for everybody. it's a fun album and has great energy. we will also be hitting the road again this Fall and can't wait to rock the stage with all of our fans old & new.

here's some background on the band....
Three brothers from other mothers (and fathers) got together, from the OC, LA and DC, to create a miscellaneous collection of musical works aka OLIO. Inspired by everything from Black Sabbath to Barry White these guys stir up an eclectic blend of rock/pop/funk music and serve it up hot! Whether it’s songs about break-ups, make-outs, shake-ups or four letter words, Olio produces electrifying, positive music from their studio in Los Angeles, CA. On stage Arif Hodzic sings and breaks strings (sometimes his right hand gets heavy), DeHaven Carrington grooves on drums and croons (when the lights are low and the mood is right), and newest member Kelley Hill is a fireball of energy, bouncing on one leg and just tearing the bass up (you may even see metal shavings come off the neck).

Links for music:   (u can download there too)

Enjoy and Thx!!!


Think you’ve got what it takes to start a band? Find out in our five-part blog series GROW YOUR OWN ROCK BAND, written by Christopher Russell, author of the brand-new music novel Mockstars.

the famePART FIVE
> The Fame

Congratulations, hombre - you’ve finally made it. You’ve come up with an amazing name, surrounded yourself with musical geniuses, built an adoring fanbase, played a ton of gigs and, against all the odds, only gone and become one of the greatest rock bands the world has ever seen.

Your biggest challenge, however, is still to come. How do you cope with the pressures of fame? What vagaries await you on the road ahead? Fear not, my friend - for below is a rundown of exactly what to expect from life as a rock ‘n’ roll celebrity.

(You can trust me - I am very, very famous in select parts of the Thames Valley.)

The Mansion

If you have even an ounce of self-respect, you’ll blow your first three million on a fully-fledged rock mansion. Now, it’s really important that this house is as tasteless as possible, otherwise how will people know you’re a rockstar? This can be achieved by stuffing it full of taxidermied snow leopards, ancient samurai weaponry and miniature bowling alleys. I’d also recommend a guitar-shaped swimming pool, where you can while away the days shooting the shit with the cryogenically-resurrected corpses of Jim Morrison and Keith Moon (do be sure, however, that the builders don’t fill your pool with chlorinated water - they need to fill it with Cristal champagne). Oh, and your house must have a helipad. FOR CHRIST’S SAKE DON’T FORGET THE HELIPAD.

The Private Jet

It goes without saying that you will never set foot on a bus or train again, and under absolutely no circumstances must you walk anywhere. But if you truly consider yourself a member of the big leagues, you won’t be caught dead in a taxi or a limousine either. You will travel everywhere by private jet. Yes, even when visiting neighbours. Oh, and if you’re feeling particularly smug, you can learn to fly it yourself (though never pilot it sober, obviously, unless you have absolutely no regard for your public image).

The Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

Yes, you’re going to have to sleep with a quite intimidating number of supermodels in order to do this job. And you’ll be so butt-clenchingly high while doing it that you’ll have to employ a sex butler to follow you around for the rest of your life reminding you how awesome it was, ‘cos you won’t remember a thing. Also, a seven-way with the cast of the latest Yves Saint-Laurent advert will represent a mere frivolity in long, summer days filled mostly with firing servants for no reason and lobbing flat-screen TVs at poor people.

It’s going to be amazing.

And here endeth the lesson. Go forth and rock, children. 

That's it, folks! #GrowYourOwnRockBand has been an emotional journey. Catch up on Part One: The Band Name, Part Two: The MusiciansPart Three: The Fans or Part Four: The Gigs.

Christopher Russell has recently released his debut novel, Mockstars, inspired by his international tour diaries for rock/pop band The Lightyears. Find out more at

Belgian producer and musician, MALIBU was born from the love shared by the British New-Wave and the warm House drops coming from the East of Space.

After being lost in the 90"s, He has decided to recreate his environment by remixing the influences who made him, according to his perception of what Pop music is.

Multi-instruments performer and DJ, MALIBU is playing his own House and TEchno tracks from MALIBLUE DJ SET (Full Promo Mix available soon) while he is working on his DEBUT ALBUM (DEBUT EP available NOW).



There comes a time when every artist decides that Ramen noodles are disgusting and unhealthy. No amount of delusion or Ramen recipe books can change this fact.

As the artist sits once again in the cold and bitter night to create her song - the one that will be remembered long after the cities are abandoned and the laws of survival are all that matter - there is a choice. Do I lay my soul bare or do I make something that didn't come out of a small tin can for dinner?

In our modern egalitarian world where nobody struggles unless by choice, most performers choose to create their art pure and free of desire for mass appeal. That's well and good for them, but you will occasionally find an artist who wants a leather jacket they didn't fight an old drunk with a screwdriver to buy at the local thrift store. I know, it sounds crazy, but even these days when nobody really needs to work, some people insist on trying to gain mass appeal.

That's where Viele Produkte comes in; VP has sworn off its experimental roots, influenced by such "artists" as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Kraftwerk, and is forging ahead with a crisp and modern sound. VP promises its new audience there will be no surprises because, you see, we will never do anything that is not part of the standardized pop formula, where true innovation begins.

Please join Viele Produkte on this exciting journey into the known. We offer you these examples of the generic sound, which you may also find with a radio. We hope you will play them on the internet, which is like a radio with a screen for pictures. Like a television. One you can use to read things, like a newspaper.

We offer you this pop instrumental from VP's 2014 album, 'Currently'. It's called Funk This:

We also offer you this instrumental, The Strip '14, from the same album:

These tracks come from a secondary account, created to offer more music while paying no money. You can find Viele Produkte's main Soundcloud, which includes the complete VP discography HERE

We hope you enjoy our music. VP promises to make the music even more formulaic in the future!

Finest Hour: A new track dedicated to the heroes of WWII that fought and died, I tried to encapsulate the feelings of a veteran remembering the days and the sounds that occurred during the war. I know its quite a non-linear track in the sense of genre but i've put a huge amount of work into this track working on piano composition, orchestral movements and even putting Winston Churchill's 'Finest Hour' speech in there. I would love  the opportunity to give everyone a thought provoking tribute to WWII.

This is probably the most ambitious track i've ever attempted given the setting that I wanted to portray. 'Finest Hour' is Inspired by World War 2, this is a soundtrack based around remembering the heroes that fought and died for our countries. It runs through telling a story of a veteran soldier remembering the sounds of war and the feelings that occurred through melancholic piano melodies, haunting orchestral compositions and a speech from Winston Churchill himself accompanied by a piano build.

This track took me weeks to compose and i'm really proud of it, I would love to send out a thought provoking track to everyone in tribute to WWII. As with all my music it is entirely free as my aim is just to just spread evocative music in hope that people will enjoy it.

Thank you for your time,


Thank you,



Think you’ve got what it takes to start a band? Find out in our five-part blog series GROW YOUR OWN ROCK BAND, written by Christopher Russell, author of the brand-new music novel Mockstars.

> The Gigs

So you’ve found a band name, gathered a motley crew of musical wunderkinds and even duped some eager people into liking you on Facebook. What next…?


Gigs are the trenches of the music industry. Here, in this wild hinterland, the true indie rockstars will be sorted from the trilby-wearing fakers, and many a good man will go down in a blaze of glory. Or, at least, a blaze of poorly-rehearsed, cackhandedly-written break-up songs.

The Open Mic Night

If your music is even vaguely acoustic, there’s a good chance you’ll start here. Open Mic Nights are uncannily similar, in most respects, to zoos, with the unfortunate absence of any kind of gift shop. Also, it’s a curious fact that all open mic nights are run by somebody disconcertingly creepy who, while they may once have been an ordinary musician, has morphed over decades of abject failure into a twisted, inhuman creature sustained only by the sound of their own voice. A bit like Gollum. Oh, and watch out for the inevitable jack-ass who circumvents the ‘two tracks only’ rule by making every single one of their songs twenty-eight minutes long.

The Industry Showcase

There are two types of industry showcase: the ones you organise yourself, and the ones you get asked to play. The ones you get asked to play are, in fact, thinly veiled Ordinary Gigs, the difference being that the promoter’s mate plays softball with someone who used to work in the legal department at Virgin Records, and they’re going to be there, so it’s an INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. The ones you organise yourself become so only when you realise your mate plays softball with someone who used to work in the legal department at Virgin Records, and you invite them along, and you call it an INDUSTRY SHOWCASE in the desperate hope that it’ll convince them to come. And then they won’t come.

The Music Festival

Rockers everywhere, beware... for within the borders of the gloriously vague term ‘festival’ there lurk the extremes of both heaven and hell. At one end of the spectrum, there you are, opening the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury to a crowd of thousands who have heard your first single on XFM and will one day tell their grandchildren they ‘saw you first’. At the other end, there you are, quietly weeping through your fifteen-minute free-form jazz-funk finale at a steamboat rally in the rain, in front of a confused congregation of toddlers and the local sex-pest eating a wet burger. If you’re very lucky, you’ll experience the first. Every one of you will experience the second.

Your Mate's Wedding

Yes, yes, I know - it’s totally uncool to play weddings. However, a few months in to your gigging experience (when you realise it would be easier to make money busking naked on the Gaza Strip and your fridge is empty of everything apart from lime chutney and furry cheese), you’ll take a look at your bank account and quietly reassess your choice of career. Then your mate will ask if you wouldn’t mind playing his wedding if he bungs you a few quid, and while you may initially feel a twinge of artistic guilt, you’ll learn how to play Brown Eyed Girl and American Pie anyway and before you know it you will have become a fully-fledged, tie-wearing, bridesmaid-snogging Wedding Band.

Tune in next Wednesday for the final part of #GrowYourOwnRockBand: The Fame.
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Christopher Russell has recently released his debut novel, Mockstars, inspired by his international tour diaries for rock/pop band The Lightyears. Find out more at

This is a brand new original track from Red Ambassador. This song combines deep, rich elements of piano and cello with some hard-hitting electronic components that combine and form a passionate and beautiful sound.

I like to combine elements from different styles into one song. I don't care for cliché sounds in a specific genre, so I aspire to create a new sound by taking bits and pieces from different styles and weaving them together. It makes for a nice challenge, as a producer, but also makes for a pleasant and interesting sound for the listener. I believe this song exemplifies my efforts in this area. I also added a vocal track to add more of a "human element" to the song. That was a little bit of a stretch for me, since I don't have a great voice.

I have not composed an original track for some time now, so this song was refreshing to make. I came up with it rather quickly, actually. I had this idea to make a cello and piano based song and when I sat down and started working on it, it all just started flowing out and I believe all these elements came together really well.

This song will be offered as a free download on SoundCloud for a limited time.

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk

Their new single



Release Date: Monday 22nd September

Format: Digital Download

Play here

Download here

Video here



Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk, fronted by the enigmatic Mary Joanna Coogan are a unique blend of dark synths, biting guitars and gritty bass lines interlaced with Mary’s soft yet irresistibly sinister vocals.


Formed in Manchester, Mary Joanna is backed by Rikki Turner (Paris Angels) on keys, Steven Tatji (Paris Angels, Rude Club) on bass, Spencer Birtwhistle (Interstella, The Fall) on drums, Stephen Evans (Twisted Wheel) on guitar and newcomer Zack Davies also on guitar.


Although the band have performed just a handful of gigs in their home city, they’ve already been invited to appear at venues across the UK, thanks to their effortlessly cool blend of Post Punk, Psychedelia, Electronica, Dream Pop and Krautrock.


Wasted, their debut single, will be available as a digital download from 22nd September.