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New Indie Artist with Orchestral Sound

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My name is Rubbertoe Mills (don't worry it's just Robert in real life)! This name comes up much better in google and other websites, so hopefully you can join me on this musical journey. I write about whatever comes to mind, and the music follows suit. I have an Associates Degree in Audio Productions so I record, mix, and master all of my songs in addition to writing them. As a result, I am able to do whatever I want and whatever listeners want. If you have any suggestions, requests, etc. I would be more than happy to hear them! This is the first time I am writing about something I recorded as I think music is best expressed when listened to; it can mean something totally different to you than it does to me. I saw a commercial on T.V. that featured a tuba playing the main riff, and I wanted that same feel in this song! Also, music journalism as I am now finding out is more difficult than actually writing music! For this song I came up with the music first (it was all piano), which is contrary to my typical lyric-first method. I think with music first it allows the lyrics to be more bouncy and flow better. Let me know what you think in the Soundcloud comments! Thank You :D

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