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NEW ALBUM from the LA Alternative Pop duo The Controversy

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"Don't Count On Me" is the newest album from the LA-based Alternative Pop duo The Controversy set to be released in October 2014. After their critically acclaimed first album "Real", who won them Artist of the Year 2012 at AIMA awards and Best Alternative Song of the Year 2012 at HMMA awards, and has been described by music critics and fans around the world as a breath of fresh air, a unique, raw, honest and emotional sound, The Controversy is ready to jump outside of the box again with their second album "Don't Count On Me". With a more dancy synth based electronica approach, The Controversy successfully mixes electronic sounds and beats with real instruments making their sound current and at the same time keeping the vitality and spontaneity of the live band. Get ready to immerse yourself in The Controversy's world and get transported to a unique experience you'll never forget.

Pre-Order "Don't Count On Me" here and get the three singles "Two Voices", "Queen of Chinatown" and "Neon Sign" right away!:  https://thecontroversyband.bandcamp.com/album/dont-count-on-me

SoundCloud album preview link: https://soundcloud.com/thecontroversy/sets/dont-count-on-me-album

[ T H E   C O N T R O V E R S Y  L I N K S ]

Website: http://www.thecontroversyband.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TControversy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheControversyBand

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thecontroversy

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheControversymusic

Store: http://thecontroversyband.bandcamp.com


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Winners of “Artist of the Year 2012″ at Artists In Music Awards, “Best Alternative Song of the Year 2012″ at Hollywood Music In Media Awards for their single “Real”, proclaimed one of the Hot 100 Best Independent Bands of 2012 on Music Connection Magazine, and nominated for Best Music Video for “Real” at Los Angeles Music Awards 2013 among many other awards and nominations, The Controversy is an acclaimed alternative pop duo based in Los Angeles, CA. The Controversy’s first album “Real” has received critical acclaimed reviews, describing it as “stunning”, “off the hook”, “rich songs with powerful lyrics and musical serenity”, “moving and captivating”, “refreshing change from the overproduced pop” and “unique, powerfully emotional, honest and ethereal”. The Controversy released their second album “Don’t Count On Me” on June 25th 2014 and has released three music videos for their songs “Real”, “So Low” and “Little Star”, while writing and placing music for film, TV and video games, such as a song placement in the TV show “The Bridge”, the creation and production of the theme song for the Sundance Winner Director Amin Matalqa’s feature film “Strangely In Love”, the theme song for the video game “Monaco” “Can’t Resist” in collaboration with Grammy nominee Austin Wintory, the theme song for the feature film “Last Flight” in collaboration with the award winner composer Garry Schyman, the placement of “Sometimes” in the Canadian film “Bread Thieves” and the collaboration with SONY as one of their featured independent bands in Los Angeles, CA. Supporters of gay rights, The Controversy is also the LGBTQ Person of The Year 2012.


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