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Muffin Department - Like It Smooth

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Featured on episode 37.

Some days you wake up and smell the coffee. Other days, you’re not sure this fuzzy state you’re in can be qualified as ‘awake’, or if you’re even actually alive. But what you do know is that you’re out of coffee. And the way the script for those days goes, you would not be surprised if once you have performed the feat of crawling to your local supermarket it happens to be clean out of the only brand of that nectar potent enough to bring you back from the undead. Yes, life is endless drama. Like General Hospital, but without the Hair and Make-Up Department.  Well, Hair and Make-Up Department, we shun you right back.

The Muffin Department is where we really want to be at anyways.

The artist known as Muffin Department will not serve you pastry and coffee, that we know of. But here’s what this independent musician provides: a blend of hip hop, funk and electronica that is undeniably smooth, even as it lets you know that this feeling you have, of wanting things to flow just right, unimpeded, uninterrupted (and caffeinated) 24/7 is only natural, damnit, is one that is legitimate and shared and that it’s ok to indulge in it. And indulge in it this track does. Over the span of Like it Smooth, the vocals expound that yearning for ease over and over. Pulling off repetition like this is tricky. It could have turned into one more source of annoyance for the cranky caffeine junkies of this world, but Muffin Department handles it all with musical finesse.

Muffin DepartmentThe track is firmly rooted in a deep hip hop rhythmic groove. Washes of chill synths massage our consciousness towards oblivion. Although the basic lyrics and melody remain the same for the duration, they acquire a little more mojo with every other utterance, like a bass line or any other instrumental motif might. This track builds and builds beautifully, mellowing out the listener and energizing him in the same breath. By the end of it, Like It Smooth has become the coolest, most wicked of mantras.


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