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"MIDNIGHT" - new synthpop soundscape by REXXY

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The latest single "Midnight" is from the NY synthpop artist, Rexxy as part of her upcoming album.

About Rexxy:

Rexxy began in 2011 out of a tiny room in a Los Angeles apartment. Equipped with only her voice, an iMac and a bass guitar Monica Velasquez (AKA Rexxy) set out to create music that reflected her emotional state and obsession with the beauty and pain of romance.
After independently releasing several tracks Monica relocated to Brooklyn NY in 2013 and began work on her first EP titled "Dreams". Dreams, a DIY EP, featured a collection of dreamy vocals, haunting melodies and lo-fi sounds designed to move your heart as well as your feet.
Bringing together the worlds of new wave and indie music, Rexxy combines the sensitive, reckless emotional energy of our youth and the reflective introspection that comes with experience and maturity.

About the track:

"Midnight" is about living your dream, becoming your dream every moment & everyday. Taking time to remind yourself that whether it's good or bad times, working to achieve what you want is all part of the journey. And the memories of the experience will "heal like everything feels" good or bad. Take a leap into being you, don't hold back and "just fly".

Song is called midnight because it is usually around midnight when we all stop and truly think about our desires and whether we are on the right path, and if we are doing our best. Sometimes we get discouraged at that time too. But in a way midnight is the last time in the night you think about something special.

<Listen on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rexxymusic/midnight>
<Watch the "Midnight" Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB_Z95gJ2Ng>


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