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Mental Minority – More Than You Will Ever Know

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A still too large number of people tend to associate synthesizers solely with otherworldly effects. They confine synths’ possibilities to some ethereal sphere, the thought never entering their head that they might be able to convey as much depth of feeling as, say, a good old ‘authentic’ acoustic guitar.

The emotional scope Mental Minority conjures with synthwave tune More Than You Will Ever Know belies any such assumptions.

Romantic feelings are difficult to express in life at large, something the title seems to allude to. And, though that is precisely what seems to preoccupy it most, art has an equally hard time trying to pinpoint love. Italo, a trend which partially inspires this track, predominantly dealt with love, and did it by unabashedly embracing the most saccharine clichés to its bosom, resulting in some succulent ear candy.

Mental Minority ‘s More Than You Will Ever Know, however,  is not saccharine so much as it is sincerely sweet, achingly so in places. The subtle nuances in emotion which the track undergoes are breathtaking.

Uncertainty, yearning and vulnerability mingle while hope swells irrepressibly. The steady rhythm has the candor and innocence of an adolescent heart awakening to amorous feeling.

The fun referencing of cult 80’s video game OutRun (it was the first driving game to offer the player their choice of music, and that bright idea allied to a distinctive soundtrack obviously left its mark) suffuses the song with nostalgia. Even during that actual decade, 80s music always excelled at longing for the past. Now, in 2013, 80s-inspired music strikes that melancholy chord even more.

Mental MinorityDespite being entirely devoid of vocals, More Than You Will Ever Know has genuine human warmth. It does not come as a surprise to read on the track’s SoundCloud page that the song is ‘based on a true story’. Hardly anything is known about Mental Minority, except for his being German, but really, when someone puts out music this expressive, it’s hard to see what more they could possibly add. It’s all there in the music.


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