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Memly - Calm

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Featured on episode 40.

Give or take a few hours - depending on where you've chosen to be reincarnated in this life - it’s the weekend, people! You’re getting ready to party, to let the past week’s frustrations fly, to sweat them off on a dance-floor or perhaps you plan to drown them with a vengeance. Or all the above. Our guess is few of you are entertaining thoughts of a calm weekend. This review may make you reconsider, though.

Calm need not be boring. Matt Emly aka Memly (see what he did there?) will prove this to all you skeptics who raised your eyebrows and prepared to yawn. His track by the title of Calm is many things, but boring does not count as one of them.

This independent artist’s version of calm is not a state of things wherein all activities cease to exist. It seems to be more a state of mind to attain whilst right at the heart of a maelstrom of sonic stimuli.

Thudding percussions with a world music feel to them do a great job of implanting the track deep into the mind right away. These drums talk directly to primal parts of the brain. The arrival of a whispery female voice whose message is a cipher of sorts is not of a nature to send a person to sleep. She might be urging us to ‘just be Zen’ but we cannot be completely certain about this. The result is that she tickles the ear and intrigues the listener into greater consciousness. Guys, especially, will not argue this case with us, we are sure. The further use of sampled intakes of breath for rhythmic purposes heightens awareness still more.

The track then enters into an even more mind-opening phase, expanding tenfold sonically. It comes this close to hyperventilating. It probably would, were it not for the feminine sample, which keeps refocusing the senses.


Calm is an entrancing track and actually really awesome music to move your body to. What do you know - having a wild and calm weekend is entirely feasible. Keep calm and listen to stimulating music.


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