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Made of Wood - Playa de Caleta, Mexico 1968

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Featured on episode 38.

While this review should not self-destruct once you are done reading it, we do have one thing we ought to forewarn you about: today, we are made of flail. And this is entirely Made of Wood’s fault. His spy music is so mind-blowingly cool that we are experiencing urges to plan casino heists, languidly puff on Cuban cigars and lackadaisically add little tropical parasols to our coffee in the heart of Winter. We were also thinking we might go out later and randomly follow unsuspecting people around. What madness is this coursing through our bloodstream?

The first listen to Playa de Caleta, Mexico 1968 is like sipping a succulent cocktail of diverse musical influences somehow blended into the smoothest and mellowest mix ever. The richness of it is such, we immediately thought: ‘this can be no stand alone tune’. Such a song has got to tap into a whole universe beyond it. A universe it belongs to, which sustains the song even as the song expresses it. Lo and behold, a few mouse clicks quickly revealed an intriguing web of espionage music spun by independent musician Dan Waldman on the internet. It is a little difficult to write über-cool, über-classy text such as this music calls for when one is basically in the process of geeking out over said music. In case we are not properly conveying the proficiency of the sounds this artist creates around his spy obsession, just know that you should check it out. All of it.

Made of Wood’s interest for the genre which inspires his most recent album is amazingly communicative. We want a series, a whole franchise that this Playa de Caleta, Mexico 1968 could be the theme to. We want to meet this spy character on that beach, no matter how perilous an encounter it might prove. We think we know what madness is coursing through our bloodstream. We are the willing victims of Narcotherapy Hypnosis.

made of woodWeekly Podcast is going to be not-so-subtly spying on Made of Wood’s every artistic move from now on.


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