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Lukas Lyrestam - Dallas

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Featured on episode 36.

A number of artists on Soundcloud possess a sound so smooth and impeccable and just so professional all round that when you get to the part where they remain unsigned as yet, you can’t help but feel deeply puzzled. Oh well, after all, these are the kinds of wrongs Weekly Podcast aims to help right. One such puzzling case is London-based Swedish musician Lukas Lyrestam.

His Dallas is flawless music to: move your feet to, to nod your head knowingly to, to work out to, to stare out of a window longingly to (yes, of course we tested this last one, we don’t make such claims lightly). It erases the awkwardness out of any room. It’s soirée perfection. It massages the kinks out of your 21st century ever-stressed shoulders and gets them moving on their own so you then think it’s a natural progression to go get your groove on that dance floor and, like everyone else, make believe you actually know how to do slinky moves. Or just dance at all, really.  It’s also easily addictive.  Those rich, warm, vibrant and soulful vocals may be about feeling helpless and bereft but, the irresistible beats indicate, that’s just a little inconsequential. All can be shrugged off in time to this rhythm.

Is this how they do despair in Dallas?

The sentiment is at its most laid back, urbane and chic on this track. Next time we absolutely have to give in to that particular feeling, supposing there is a next time, we would like to go about it the Dallas way (as opposed to, say, sniffling in snot-filled tissues until we get an awfully unglamorous sinus-headache):  casually holding a tall, bitter, cool, drink in one manicured hand, possibly reclining on a designer couch with a feather boa and giving voice to some rhetorical pondering about what we’re gonna do without them. Some synths sounds sparkling like crystal chandeliers in the background would not be amiss, totally. Put like this, despair does not seem half so bad.

Lukas Lyrestam‘What am I gonna do without you’? Hah! Put this song on repeat probably.


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