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Lucky One, BEL, Episodes 16, 37 & 38

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Lucky One

Lucky One was featured on Episode 16 of our show with a killer dubstep track that went on to be a part of the second Cosmic Core album. The track is called Bass & Drums, check it out here!

Lucky One is also now one of our track selectors, and his tune 'I Like Your Eyes' was featured on episode 37, read our review of that track HERE.

Another appearance by Luc on Episode 38, his track One Thousand Nights reviewed here.

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  1. [...] Lucky one, we are already aware, excels at the stuff of fantasy. If you don’t know what we are referring to, allow us to suggest a small SoundCloud detour: here, I Like Your Eyes. Weekly Podcast is not flirting with you, although we are sure your eyes are fine. That is what Steph Wunderbar does masterfully on that track by lucky one, featured on episode 37 of the Weekly Podcast. [...]

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