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Letters From Abroad, HOL, Episode 41

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Letters From Abroad

LFA is an international project based in The Netherlands. Formed in 2012 in The Hague, the band consists of
Roey Tsemah (Tel-Aviv), Anna Mikhailova (Moscow), Marco Santos (Lisbon) and Vid Ahačič (Ljubljana).
The main goal of the project is to define new ways of writing, performing and sharing music.

I first heard of Letters From Abroad when they got in touch with me via Twitter. Well, Roey did, and asked me to have a listen to a recording he made on his iPhone. I did, but quickly noticed other music on his page that was perhaps more.. complete, at the time. One of those being Don't Tell Your Mother which went on to be featured on episode 41 of our indie music podcast a few weeks later, read our review of the track here. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Make sure you visit their official website, Facebook page, LastFM & YouTube.


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