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Letters From Abroad – Don’t Tell Your Mother

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Featured on episode 41.

Weekly Podcast feels lucky to have caught a constantly evolving, ambitious and barrier-breaking artistic collective at a stage of its development where it looks about to fully blossom. The project Letters From Abroad was originally titled And Yet Untitled and the first material for it was clips of whistled melodies which Roey Tsemah recorded on his iPhone while cycling around The Hague.  By his own admission, the Soundcloud app was essential in making him rethink his creative process. “If it is so easy to record and release music today,” it led him to wonder “then what stops us from experimenting, taking risks and trying to innovate?” He decided to have a year of “making mistakes and trying everything as a child.”

On the strength of that original premise, this intriguing project has since gathered more participants from eclectic spheres of the arts and with various origins: Vid Ahačič, Anna Mikhailova and Marco Santos all hopped on board, attracted to this at once intellectual and intuitive approach. A website offers a fascinating insight right into the heart of this always ongoing creative process. It incorporates photography, video, design and more but the common intent is to define new ways of writing, performing and sharing music.

Don’t Tell Your Mother is their first single. It starts with glass-like notes which evoke both the innate trenchant aspect of that material and its paradoxical frailty. The spatial song advances slowly, a deep, pondering male voice drawing us into an atmosphere of torpor. The torpor is only on the surface, though. Borderline dissonant chords disrupt the deceptively languid mood. You have to wonder. What shouldn't the little girl in the lyrics tell her mother? A flurry of piano notes at the end have us picturing a child running towards her mum. Does she tumble or does she make it? We don’t know. All we know is chills just ran down our spine.

Letters From AbroadWith the release of this powerfully evocative EP, Letters From Abroad plan to put out a new unconventional platform linked to design. These independent artists are nowhere near done getting our minds to wonder, clearly.


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