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KOBI – All The Way

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Featured on episode 34.

It’s a dream debut single.

To have your first official release produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Orchard, whose track record includes working with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Travis and some guy named Paul McCartney, augurs well for the future. You'll probably want to remember this band’s name. Chances are, you will be hearing a lot more about them in times to come.

KOBI is a highland-based indie pop rock act. While they draw their inspiration from a massive range of musical sensibilities, from the 80s up till now, these guys ultimately love to pour it all into the one format which just never, ever grows tired: the classic three minute pop song.

Released on April 22nd and driven forward by a juvenile, wide-eyed energy, the band’s first single ‘All The Way’ unselfconsciously aims high and pulls it off.

KOBI’s 80s influences are apparent and, indeed, happily claimed. They are definitely not what you would call reverb-shy and the production has that ample, vast, larger than life vibe typical of the 80s bands whose work they admire: The Cars, The Blue Nile, Aztec Camera. KOBI’s roots can also be traced back to that decade from the following winning combination: refreshingly earnest vocals, epic guitar solos and unrestrained drumming (those are some enthusiastic cymbals!)

In spite of the strong references from the past, KOBI is very much a modern-day band in essence. It’s unmistakable in their tight execution which showcases all the sonic sleekness that the present can offer and puts us in mind of another avowed influence of theirs, current success Foals. It makes one want to hear KOBI play live. The band members’ chemistry, which already translates onto recording, is another incitation to see them perform on stage. The sheer energy bordering on messy which naturally fills KOBI’s material is the real deal: it’s the type that gets crowds madly excited about a new act.

KobiThat they have come this far already points to the fact that KOBI have the something required to make people believers.



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