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Kawehi - I'd Never Tell [New Music Video]

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Secrets…we all have them. Some are kept because we don't want to hurt someone. Or maybe we've done things that we don't EVER want people to know about. But sometimes - secrets are kept because of society. Those are the unfair ones. In my Utopia, people wouldn't have to hide their true selves - there would be no lines, no walls built, no prejudices against where people come from, the color of their skin and who they choose to love. We are all a part of the same Earth - and should have the same kind of opportunity and freedoms as the next. And with the way things are going on this planet - we're going to need each other.

If you're fans of our indie music podcast then you would've heard us praising Kawehi, her music and promo before.

She's definitely someone indie artists around the world should be keeping tabs on. She understands the value of the internet and uses it to her advantage, establishing strong connections with her fans across many different platforms.

The video above is testament to this artist's continuous growth and innovation. We're happy to be part of the journey, and we're definitely enjoying the ride.

Keep it up Kawehi!


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