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JoosTVD- Unscrew Yourself

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Promo for the new album for "Lightning Dutchman", released march 2015
Now get ready for the first promo, especially if you've got the blues. I've got that sometimes. You'll see what I do in that case in the clip. Guess we all feel screwed up sometimes, so what if I add a "positive" Un on it so we say: Unscrew Yourself? That's it, Say it! Get involved. It's the first song you'll hear when you put on that Lightning Dutchman [2015] album. So enjoy, hope you like...

Soundcloud:Unscrew Yourself
Promo video: youtu.be/sRjFqXIBXNg
Spotify: goo.gl/ATGZzn
iTunes: goo.gl/CwRAFp
Bandcamp: goo.gl/Vs6uGC


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