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JoosTVD- Don't Do It Again

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Don't Do It Again

Oeps...did it again! I have to...make a groovy track.
From the new album for 2015 "Lightning Dutchman"

The Vanished Dutchman comes back with lightning! On these 18 e(c)lect(r)ic songs (including 3 bonus tracks, pictures, promo video) he expresses his love for songwriting, arranging and recording. Obsessed to find the balance between twisting melodies and energetic grooves. The results are sometimes relaxed or funny, then melancholic or intense. Pop'n Roll from the Lowlands!

Spotify: goo.gl/kPKfoI
Bandcamp: goo.gl/0i2XpG

Youtube: goo.gl/jd2k1r


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