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JoosTVD - Chalky

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What you hear is the song that opens the new 2016 album "Open Up My Parachute" (release 04-04-2016), called "Chalky". The supporting promo video shows all the pictures that have been involved with the artwork. You can see the changes in design, colour and fonts. Yes, it's all in a lowbudget DIY way that keeps it personal and what drives me to do it like this.

My rhythmic side pushed forward and I seem to use each frame as a rhythm response to any accent in the music. Well, it's a funky track so I had to.

Who is this... "Chalky"? It's inspired by that afro-american guy, who played this cool, smooth survivor in the thrilling TV series Boardwalk Empire. Chalky (White), a ironic nickname. I liked the sound of it and it fit perfectly with this "dangerous" groove I've been working on.
Online services will follow ASAP....

Promo video Chalky

Chalky on Soundcloud


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