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Joachim De Lux, UK, Episodes 10 & 36

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Joachim De Lux

Hey, my name's Joachim, I'm 19 and I'm a french music producer.

The music I'm currently composing is quite electronic but I used to compose in a much more ambient style (sometimes trip hoppy) and was before in a rock band as a guitarist.

My interest in composing music is to create tracks which are firstly likeable but if possible innovative. I'm looking for 'the' specific gap between two poles: Experimentation and Musicality.

Joachim De Lux is yet another artist suggested to us by our friend Novim. They worked together on a track we featured on episode 10, and then we featured Joachim's work again on episode 36.

Check out his Salmon EP below, the track 'Lullaby For The Synths' is the one we featured on episode 36 and read the track review here.




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