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Indie Music Podcast - Independent Music From SoundCloud Users

Welcome to Our Weekly Indie Music Podcast - All Genres

We're a weekly indie music podcast featuring unreleased music... mostly unknown and sometimes unloved indie tracks we find on Soundcloud.

We handpick them every week and share them with you. We feature a wide variety of styles on every episode.

You can visit our submissions page if you want to submit your music, news or updates to the site.

You should also join our indie music forum, you can interact with artists in the community and other music fans.

We love independent music so we don't discriminate by genre, we're open to all styles of music and listen to everything (as evidenced by the variety of styles in each episode and in our Submissions Bucket.

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So, listen to what we're about choose an episode from the set above and press play. If you want to support the indie music scene then make sure you connect with the artists and let them know you appreciate their work.

You can also view the list of episodes on our SoundCloud page or through the website.

If you're a podcaster who also supports indie music then we'd love to hear from you, get in touch :)

Weekly Podcast: We Love Independent Music!

We Love Our Indie Music Podcast

Weekly Podcast is an indie music podcast and we LOVE all styles of independent music.