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    Imagery, whether spoken, sung, plucked, pressed, slapped, tapped, crashed, stroked, sketched, etched, painted, carved, sculpted, fried, torched or blown...is very nearly the most important thing...


  2. We like digital delivery as it helps to reduce the impact of packaging peripheral to the music. If we wanted images or words to speak for us we'd be painters, photographers, writers and the like. We are composers and it is welcome that you can hear tracks from obscure artists, rather than rely on the look of the cover in the record rack.


    However, just to be on the safe side, we create a 'cover' icon for every one of our tracks and make all of our formal releases available as hard product, with packaging. But we are very old...



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  3. I think there is so much changing, but, I still spend my money for vinyl records, cause for me it's simply great to listen to the warmth of vinyl. making a record like this is definitly an artist statement! and off cause the artwork, for me, has to be a huge part of it. I also like the mp3 way, but even al little .jpeg could be a visual statemt. play with the media, use it, say something, describe, inspire. use the senses ;-)

  4. Artwork is important - well at least for me.  I feel like it brings the tone/setting of the track/album to the listeners mind even before they even listen to the record/vinyl at hand.  Don't get me wrong though, I've seen artists spend more time with the artwork more than the overall quality of the music.  It is a tough decision really.  Although, nothing beats the music.  Haha!  

  5. I agree, music must come first. I also think graphics will become increasingly important, especially video.

    You should do anything you can do to connect with your audience and do it well.

    Engage as many senses as you can. Visuals are a huge part of how we perceive the world so use that to your advantage. 



  6. Video is now almost essential in presenting your music to the masses. The trouble is that video locks in a particular interpretation of the audio (even if the video is abstract). The value of music over other media is that interpretation is given much more to the recipient than in other art forms. We know from the comments that we receive that people take from our compositions meaning beyond that of which we were conscious during creation. For time to time a work is received completely differently from how we envisaged it. This is great, this is what we want. If we make a video of how we see the music, then that interpretation becomes 'locked' in for all, and something is lost. Personally, I have never been keen even on including track icons with our work.

    Another down side of including visuals with music is that if you happen to be pleasing on the eye and are prepared to reveal much skin, especially if you are female, or if you are prepared to include someone of that ilk in your video, you increase your exposure (ho ho) regardless of the quality of your audio product. Much the same goes for doing or saying something outrageous.

    It's a sick, sad, world.


    We just got played on national radio.  woot



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  7. Agree with all parties here.  thumb


    I'm actually sitting here wondering about all the (I wouldn't say crappy, because my taste is subjective to others; even if I'd like too) "sub-par" quality music that's out there.  Yesterday on one of our national radio channels, they told us the Top 30 lists from around Scandinavia.  Was basically focused on the same artists really. and when there was a new song, it was again by the same "sub-par" level artists.

    Sorry that was kinda off-topic - Haha!

    So to put it in my way it goes like this Music > Artwork > Visuals - although all are important, but in that order, I would classify them.






  8. S! says it straight when he says "Video is now almost essential in presenting your music to the masses."


    My next serious-medium-studies are going to be all-about-video.

    In the streaming world, video almost trumps audio (for non-musicians, it seems as though it's video for searching/fishing around for the new and beautiful, audio for the DJ-less party playlists). I think that sort of streaming (is the new radio) and pay-per-view/private concerts from the artist's rehearsal/performance space (as the new gig) will be huge in the future of music/being a musician...and that latter, pay-per-view, rent-a-band approach is basically just live-stream video...maybe with a twist of futuristic 3D hologramming...you know, like the K-Pop stars are doing. :-)

    Anyway, the visual side of things is just getting bigger and more holistic...(and I'd never, ever, ever release a digital track without artwork...ever...I might go ironic like a Beatles/Kelvyn Taylor white or a Prince/Metallica black or a Led Zeppelin brown bag, but it'd have artwork, ironic or not). There needs to be an audio-visual connection of some sort, something that you control (at least to some degree).

  9. Nom Bizarre said
    .I might go ironic like a Beatles/Kelvyn Taylor white or a Prince/Metallica black or a Led Zeppelin brown bag, but it'd have artwork, ironic or not). There needs to be an audio-visual connection of some sort, something that you control (at least to some degree).

    Ironic? Nah, purely my lack of imagination, Nom :-) Still, never thought I'd ever see myself on the other side of a backslash to The Beatles....

    I do agree about artwork - but then I am of a Certain Age, I guess, and coming from magazine publishing means I do value pictures (they're usually cheaper than words..). A good album cover (like Nom's amazing Space Bears) can give you a visual feels of what's to come in the music, without being overly literal.

  10. i always enjoyed the covers and artwork of the music i bought. but this was then.

    i hardly listen to music outside soundcloud, but i do relate strongly to the avatars and the pics to the tracks. if it's just some average stockphoto or pics of actresses/models, i will probably get bored soon.i also noticed i get more attention if i use a girly pic of me as the avatar. get more response. sometimes i have to switch back, when it's unwanted-attention-time again.

    but i always try to find an original picture for my tracks. be it a photo i took or a picture i drew. or a pic of me, but always related to the tunes atmosphere.

    so what i want to express is, artwork works, it can be fun, it can show people what your music is about and intrigue them to listen. it could mean you inspire sb to do the artwork, if you can't do it yourself, so your music is the cristallisation point to more creativity.

    and did i mention, i like to read lyrics, too?


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