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Hydrogen Skyline returns with "Shadows"

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Hydrogen Skyline comes back to the indie-music scene with their first single "Shadows" from their upcoming EP - "Hey Sly King Drone".

This marks the 4th release from the indie/electronic-rock band since their debut album "Echoes in Retrospect" introducing them to the world late in 2011.

With "Hey Sly King Drone" husband and wife team - Norman and Asher - explore more into the soundscapes of EDM and synth-pop, while keeping to their roots of straight up indie-rock.

This five song release reveals the emotions behind the soul of the band, keeping with the concepts of love and fighting through relationships, while the single "Shadows" lives in the realm of moving through life's changes without being defined by them.

Check out the newest work from Hydrogen Skyline at the bandcamp link below, and download "Shadows" from the soundcloud link above!



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