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heidi howe‘The little girl with the big red guitar’ - as Heidi Howe is fondly known - has certainly earned her dues on the country circuit. After a childhood spent performing in musicals and church choirs, this daughter of a music teacher and concert promoter followed the inevitable trajectory of a career as a singer-songwriter, and hasn’t looked back since.

Heidi’s debut album (Nature Of My Wrongs, 1999) and her earliest live performances quickly earned her a reputation as a small lady with a giant voice, and soon led to national touring, battle of the bands victories, radio and TV appearances and track placements in film. She has opened for a string of major alt-country names such as Todd Snider, Stacey Earle and Tommy Womack, and garnered praise from all over the United States.

Heidi’s upcoming album Be Good, available from early February, will mark her first release since I Love Britney Spears in 2007 and is packed full of heartwarming tunes that showcase the distinctive twang of her vocal and the bittersweet touch of her lyrics. Quirky lead single ‘Kind Of Crazy‘ celebrates a new and all-consuming love affair, ‘Souvenir’ laments the crumbling of a marriage (‘This broken heart is my souvenir, reminding me love don’t live here’) and the wonderfully infectious ‘The Ramones and George Jones’ explores how for some (Howe included), music can be like a religion.

On the back of an exciting and action-packed career, Heidi Howe is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping - so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Be Good tour.

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