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Gabriel Ruata - Dreampedia

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Gabriel Ruata is a Guatemala-born artist, currently living in Canada, with a unique feel for merging genres of classical, experimental, ambient and electronic music. With great love for piano, painting and photography, Ruata is a versatile independent artist. He creates beautiful, high quality music that is made for listening when you feel like relaxing or meditating. He is a talented composer and pianist whose work will take you on a peaceful journey through starry skies or a hidden natural paradise.

His song Dreampedia is a sound of dreams. As a classically trained pianist, Ruata is very influenced by composers such as Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and I would say Erik Satie. And this is precisely the man whose music served as inspiration for Dreampedia. Satie was the first composer of ambient music, working in France at the turn of 20th century. He focused most of his work on finding ways to make people ignore his music, that is, to make them treat it as part of the ambient. Ruata borrowed his piano composition titled Gnossienne #1 and made a beautiful remix, offering us a unique listening experience. I, being a big Satie fan myself, completely loved the track, and found myself playing it over and over again. Satie’s Gnossiennes are lovely, short and meditative compositions that allow your mind to wonder and as such, they correspond perfectly to Ruata’s music and ideas.

Dreampedia Artwork

He gave this classical piece a new guise, adding concrete sounds of the radio being tuned at the beginning, and a backing track which provides the rhythm and an instrumental accompaniment made out of chords that splendidly follows Satie’s imaginative melodies. So as a result, we hear a piece with classical structure, perfectly balanced and calm that sounds modern and in tune with our lives dominated by technology. Ruata and Satie are a winning combination for those of us who need to relax after a hard day’s work. Dreampedia has an almost therapeutic and certainly calming effect, and is definitely a track to be listened to on daily bases.


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