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Episode 45 – Independent music from people we follow on Soundcloud

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This is a special edition of the show with co-host Johnny Mindlin. We talk a little bit about each track so there's more chat than usual, I hope you like it and we welcome your feedback! (Also still trying to work out the best way to record both of our voices.)

Remember to share your tracks with us, on our forum ;) Or do it the old fashioned way and queue up on our Soundcloud feedback group. You can also register for our site.

Thanks so much to the track selectors @Kpax313, @SJE-Music @lucky-one, @kelvynt

Artists and tracks this week:

The Fisherman - Drawing Suns

Laurence - Irma and April 28th back to back

O'Doyle - Karma Casino

Shadowface - Hey Me 

Megs - Take my hand

Our soundtrack as always @AFatFoe.

Be sure to check out the artists pages and show them some love, they make music for you, remember?

If you want to use any of this music, for anything, get in touch with the artists through the links :)

Share us your music!


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  1. Even though it might seem I've been a bit AWOL from the forum, I'm watching and will be back online soon! ;) Life is settling down in Sydney and, for now, things are looking good.

    This episode is a bit different with slightly more talk in between tracks. Looking forward to your thoughts on this one! Harsh or not, I welcome your feedback.


  2. I love listening to music, and these days the amount of great new stuff that is available is overwhelming, there simply is not enough time to keep up with everything that you want to hear.

    I love the Weekly Podcast, I think that it provides superb added value through WeeklyPodcast.net. Juan has been instrumental in creating a high quality product of which, and everyone involved should be proud.

    Johnny Mindlin has a great voice for radio/podcasting, I am happy to hear more from him. However, I'm not much interested in people talking about the structure and content of what I have just heard. I just heard it, I know what it sounds like to me. One thing that drew me to the podcast is it's clarity, it's around 30 minutes long, it cover six songs, Juan provides a bit of context, which is great. And the whole thing provides a door to music that I might otherwise not hear (which, I assume, is the point). Multiple presenters is not of itself a problem for me, but I want presenters to present rather than editorialise. Podcast 45 has moved beyond presenting and I don't think that this move has enhanced the show overall.

    That said, I would be very happy to listen to a podcast presented by Johnny Mindlin, and I suspect that there are others out there who could contribute. Juan is already aware of my view that there could be supplemental podcasts covering different tastes.

    I hope that I am not being pre-emptive by making public that I have been give the go ahead to put together an 'A&E' Supplement, covering alternative and experimental output. Clearly a free for all is not the way to go. The Weekly Podcast must maintain oversight, and have the final say on output. However, as popularity grows there are opportunities for expansion and development, and I am sure that the Weekly Podcast has the potential to grow to become a substantial presence on Soundcloud (assuming the participants have the time, which is another reason to share the load).

    Bottom line: don't change the format, do more of them.


    I hope that this helps.



    pp tourmaline hum

  3. Thanks for that, TH. I do agree that the beauty of WP is that it's all about the music, which separates it from the rest - it's the nearest I've found to the John Peel show, in terms of content and format. There was nothing objectionable about the talk, but it certainly didn't add anything to my enjoyment of today's great tracks. It's absolutely worth trying new ideas, but I'm not sure this is a great one.

  4. You guys are awesome thanks so much!

    This format will not replace what we have now, I'm thinking this can be a monthly occurrence. This week it replaced the main episode because of my poor time management skills.

     I think I can work this in once a month as bonus content, similar to the podcast TH is working on. There's people that like this type of of chattier show, we did a private run of a separate episode to collect feedback before so there's room for it, there Is some interest there.


    Knowing now that these will not be replacing the normal format of the show, do you have any other comments? do you think it can add value to what we already offer? I could make a whole separate channel for it but as TH said I'm trying to balance and deciding the best way to grow.

  5. I totally support doing this as an additional episode to the main Monday run. As you say, there are people that like the chatty style (I didn't dislike it, and I would listen to the bonus shows) and having it as an 'extra' diversifies what the Weekly Podcast provides. My concern is that whatever else happens, the Main Monday podcast remains the core offering. In my view, the 'chat' show, my 'A&E' supplement and anythong else that comes along should be put out on Friday's. If things were to really take off and the contibution of supplemental podcasts rose above four a month, then start using Wednesdays.

    I think that the Weekly Podcast 'radio station' effect could be a really exciting development. Of course, it would have an impact on the articles and supplementary information provided on weeklypodcast.net, and this aspect will need to be considered if/as audio output develops.



  6. Definitely - the main bread-and-butter Monday podcast should be kept sacrosanct, which then gives you the freedom to try out new ideas/formats/whatever. Out of interest, someone the other day said to me that WP is their Monday morning 'pick-me-up', which is a great description. 


    It will be fascinating to see how this week's does on SC - pretty good so far!


    Having agreed with TH twice in one thread, I now need a lie down.


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