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Crystal Ship, UK, Episode 41

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Crystal Ship

Don’t put a label, it’s not a fad!
A space for navigation for all who evaluate and choose their own travel itineraries in life any time.
A multitude of images and a mixture of stimuli that spark your very own ideas, helping you to choose a path and be a protagonist both in listening music and in life.

For any collaborations or other inquires please contact at [email protected]

Thank You.

Pedro Trigueiro, or Crystal Ship, was featured on episode 41 of our independent music podcast with his track Deixa Em Paz Meu Coraçao (let my heart be). It's a great track and it was an honour to showcase it, you can read our review of it here. You can listen to some more of Crystal Ship's music below, remember to let him know what you think and keep supporting indie music!

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