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Crystal Ship – Deixa Em Paz Meu Coraçao

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Featured on Episode 41.

There is only a single occurrence of lyrics and vox in Deixa Em Paz Meu Coraçao. It is that gorgeous Portuguese title itself, whispered by a beguiling female voice. When it arrives, past three quarters of the tune, the listener is no longer actually expecting this track to feature vocals of any kind. And it’s so hush hush, this feathery whisper, it sounds like an intimate confidence.  You might almost miss it. But the very fact that this sentence is unique and isolated  seems to lend it a great deal of importance somehow, so that once uttered, it resonates throughout the whole song to really imprint its presence upon the listener’s mind, long after the track has stopped playing.  And that’s even if you don’t quite know how Deixa Em Paz Meu Coraçao translates to English, which is : “Let my heart be in peace”.

Behind the stage name of Crystal Ship is independent musician Pedro Trigueiro, from London. This as yet unsigned artist has created a beautifully balanced track all round, here. The equilibrium in the mix between all the different instrumental layers that compose it is almost flawless. It is really the combination of bass and synth which produces a sort of simultaneously impassioned and stubborn pivotal groove, giving depth to the song. It is a groove that has conviction and determination for certain. The other instruments progress lightly around this steady groove of bass and synth, in patterns that are airier. The piano parts, most noticeably, instil bitter-sweet touches to the composition.

Crystal ShipSeveral breaks seem to allow the track to recoup and garner more energy and after each of these, the grooviness which we mentioned earlier kicks in anew, intensifying. Deixa Em Paz Meu Coraçao thus gets better and better as it unfolds, to the point where it gets addictive. We know many a catchy song about broken hearts, and we are pretty sure you do too, but this is probably the first catchy track about a peaceful heart that we've heard.


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