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Cara Leigh - Thank You

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Featured on Episode 38.

Thank You displays a balance, or do we mean an unbalance, between the bitterness of the lyrics and the sweetness of Cara Leigh’s delivery. It really is a tad unsettling – as it was certainly intended to be. It puts us in mind of her fellow countrywoman Alanis Morrissette on a song like Hands Clean. But before anybody here attempts to correlate this type of musical vengefulness with the simple fact of being Canadian, please contact Adele’s ex and, oh, all of Taylor Swift’s exes and draw this conclusion instead: it really is best not to spurn women. Of any nationality. In any way. Just don’t do it. And we remembered Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River just now but that doesn’t count since he sings like a girl. Which is, of course, a huge compliment. Yup. Your daily dose of Girl Power is brought to you courtesy of this review.

Our well-meaning piece of advice not to mess with the females of this species obviously comes too late for at least one sorry individual. They are probably the only person who will be hard put to it to let themselves get swept along by the sweet acidity of this melody and its upbeat orchestration. Tough luck, whomever. Agonize over the cut-you-to-the-quick lyrics, lurk Cara Leigh’s accounts lamentably and forever cringe that your fifteen minutes of fame is being a nameless douchebag on the internet, if you must. This review wishes to move on and focus some more on the track’s musical delights, specifically Cara Leigh’s vocals. The songstress modestly opts to keep it understated here, but her voice possesses this scratched texture naturally, one that effortlessly retains the ear. Think Fever Ray. Additionally, Cara Leigh’s phrasing cleverly does not follow the likeliest pattern, keeping us engaged throughout. This element of surprise is as pleasant to us as it must be stressful to the person who inspired this song.

CaraLeighHere we are, happily rambling on, but really, where are our manners? Let us join Cara Leigh and thank this person, too. Thank you for inspiring this! You get bad press and we get a lovely song.


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