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Blue Room Green – A Small Step

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Featured on episode 40.

With all the alien loving the Weekly Podcast has been revelling in recently, you may have come to the conclusion that this website is, in fact, run by aliens intent on promoting extraterrestrial musical interests. We will neither conform or infirm any speculation on your part. Let us make one thing clear, though. We love humanity, too!  And we love featuring inherently humane songs on the show, such as Blue Room Green’s  One Small Step.

Yes, we have been urging you to try all manner of trips into the great unknown, to explore your cosmic consciousness and so on and so forth.  But a small step can prove just as momentous as a trip to the confines of outer space in the life of an individual. Australian Adrian Hallam’s music is all made from home, which led to him electing Blue Room Green as his artist name. One Small Step definitely draws the listener in with its cosy, intimate, stripped down atmosphere and unfeigned simplicity.

Although the track does start with an allusion to our infamous landing on the moon as a species, from there on, the lyrics actually teleport us right back to earth, to the singer/songwriter’s room as it were, since that opening line quickly turns out to have been but a well-chosen metaphor, used to contrast one individual’s life against history.

Feel like walking on the moon, I go bouncing round the room. One small step for me, the rest is history.

Blue Room GreenWith just soft guitar, a bass and voice, Blue Room Green composes a quietly but intensely personal song in One Small Step. The lovely paradox being that, by focusing inward and on his feelings, Hallam really strikes a universal chord. The singer/songwriter’s vocal delivery accords itself perfectly with his subject matter and his deliberately low-key (and not lo-fi) instrumentation. His intonations bring Michael Stipe to mind, in both their sobriety and honesty, but this independent musician’s sensitivity belongs wholeheartedly to him and flows across to the listener with ease. Cynicism is not part of this mix and, yes, humanity needs many more such small steps.


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