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Bitzone, Jens Felger, Roger Berkowitz - Somniferum

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Episode 44 of the Weekly Podcast features another of SoundCloud’s magnificent collaborations, this time bringing together Germans Jens Felger & Bitzone with US-based Roger Berkowitz. Each section of this trio has their own unique, mesmerizing approach to creating music, which are blended perfectly on this track. Roger Berkowitz of Unearth Noise is constantly creating entrancing, almost extraterrestrial sounds, which when combined with Bitzone’s percussive hypnosis creates a hauntingly seductive result. Add the sheer brilliance of Jens Felger’s classical guitar and the collaboration was destined for success. Each of the artist’s talents perfectly accents the other, and this track captures this chemistry in its entirety.

In their featured song this week, Somniferum, this multi-faceted trio pools together their talents to send the world of independent listeners into a sedated state of musical bliss. The title refers to the plant of which opium, morphine and basically all narcotics derive from. One listen to the song and you won’t be too surprised with this enlightening piece of information though (assuming you didn't know it beforehand). Somniferum immediately sends you somewhere very far away, carried in a warm encapsulating pool of pleasure via the ethnic vibes and seductive sitar strumming. It’s a perfect song of relaxation with an original edge, which somehow calms you down without sending you off into a deep sleep. Everything from the percussion to the smooth, classical guitar picking sends waves of tranquility down your spine, allowing you to enjoy Somniferum without having to deal with the terrible, addictive side- or after-effects. If you do get addicted to the song, however, please write the artists for the antidote.

Somniferum is a refreshing track coming from a solid collaboration, ideal for unwinding, calming down or just pure enjoyment. It’s a perfect representation of the remedial qualities of music, which enable us to plug in, tune out and let the artists do the work. Jens Felger, Roger Berkowitz and Bitzone have mastered this art form both individually, as well as in their collaboration together. My only wish was that the track was a bit longer, but so goes the nature of Somniferum, I suppose.


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