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ARTIST FEATURE: Vile Display Of Humanity

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vile display of humanityAs much as we all love Justin Bieber, he really doesn’t call out the bullshit in American politics quite as often as you might like. No, if you want activist rage and a zero-tolerance policy towards government corruption in your music, you may need to denounce your Belieberism and turn instead in the direction of Seattle thrash-punks Vile Display Of Humanity, who are currently comin’ atcha with their debut self-titled release.

Originally formed on the Chicago scene, Vile Display Of Humanity are united by one common trait - they’re pissed off. Pissed off at how screwed up society is, and how badly people treat each other (hence the name). Gravitating towards one another from the ashes of various hardcore bands, Doug, Jake, David, Marty and Aaron make no bones about their commitment to VDOH, which they say “represents everything extreme music should stand for: justice, dedication and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of brotherhood”.

VDOH have been lucky enough to open up for many of their heroes, and with a full-length record under their belt the boys are now determined for their music to reach a wider audience. So look out for them when they hit your hometown. Just, y’know… maybe don’t take your grandma.

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