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ARTIST FEATURE: The Vigilance Committee

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the vigilance committeeThe Vigilance Committee may sound like a government organisation, but they are in fact a progressive four-piece band from Long Island, channeling the spirit of The Mars Volta, King Crimson and Smashing Pumpkins with their clashy, chaotic songs and smart, inventive arrangements.

Longtime friends Peter J. Scoma (guitar), Christian Cepeda (guitar), Phil Corso (drums) and Jesse Asch (bass) originally started The Vigilance Committee as a rock outfit in 2009, but in the intervening years their sound and identity has matured into snappy, sophisticated prog indie/punk, raw but refined, resonating with clambering guitar riffs, snarly vocals and stuttery, unpredictable rhythms.

In the past year, the boys have been touring the NYC and northeast region in support of their debut EP releases, and their sophomore LP, the ten-track Exit A Hero, is due in late April. Lead single ‘Set The Pacific On Fire’ gives an indication of the kind of subject matter to expect from the Long Island lads - the song is inspired by James King of William, a crusading 19th century journalist prominent during the San Francisco gold rush who was shot dead in the streets in 1856. Not your average pop song, then.

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